Video: Skuld

SKULD an improvised duo-session recorded at Mehrspur in Zürich Video: Thomas Radlwimmer Gregor Hilbe: Drums , Electronics Hildegunn Øiseth: Goat horn.
Mix: Patrik Zosso & Frode Fjellheim.
Artist web:
Artist Web:
Management and booking:
Thomas – filming grains
Patrik – mixing flow​
Frode Fjellheim – additional mixing →

Video: Hildegunn + Sissel Vera Pettersen

Free improvisation With excerpts from “Line of Descent”, composed by Hildegunn Øiseth with text by Lena Swanberg
Vocal & live electronic processing: Sissel Vera Pettersen
Trumpet and Kudu horn: Hildegunn Øiseth
Live recording at Dokkhuset 3.Nov. 2020
Recording and livemix: Tor Breivik
Mix: Frode Fjellheim at Vuelie Studio
Film: Juliane Schütz & Uta Freia Beer
Edit and cut: Juliane Schütz

Video: Finnskogpols

Music by Hildegunn Øiseth
Duo session with Mattis Kleppen on bass and Hildegunn Øiseth on goat horn.
The trumpet player and composer Hildegunn Øiseth plays here on a Norwegian traditional instrument, the goat horn.