Album of the year 600

In terms of new releases, I have continued to enjoy the output of the Losen record label. There are several of their CDs that I could nominate but I have chosen Hildegun Oiseth as a representative of the adventurousness of this Norwegian label (which other label would have goat horn played in a jazz setting?). ( / Chris Baber)

TIC All About Jazz 600

This is frequently sparse, impressionistic music made by great players with a shared vision. Yet it’s anything but monochromatic: it goes from rubato to rhythmic, traditional to modern. A beautiful example of Norwegian jazz, it marks Hildegunn Øiseth and the rest of her band as players to watch. A reunion would be most welcome. Mark Sullivan

Jazz i Norge Stillness 600

Hildegunn Øiseths «Time is Coming» er kvartettjazz med tidløs kvalitet i hver eneste tone.

Dagsavisen 10 på topp utklipp 600

The Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen recently presented a list with the 10 best jazz albums in Norway in 2015.

New CD: Time is Coming

November 28, 2015


Impeccably recorded, with delicacy and with depth, this album has added five years to my life. As Hildegunn breathes life into her trumpet and into her bukkehorn (goat’s horn), I listen and I learn to breathe properly, to relax.