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Video: Skuld

SKULD an improvised duo-session recorded at Mehrspur in Zürich Video: Thomas Radlwimmer Gregor Hilbe: Drums , Electronics Hildegunn Øiseth: Goat ...
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Video: Hildegunn + Sissel Vera Pettersen

Free improvisation With excerpts from "Line of Descent", composed by Hildegunn Øiseth with text by Lena SwanbergVocal & live electronic ...
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Video: Hildegunn + Gregor Hilbe

The Song of Urdh is an improvisation from a duo-session recorded @ Mehrspur in Zürich. Video: Thomas Radlwimmer Mix: Patrik ...
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Video: Finnskogpols

Music by Hildegunn Øiseth Duo session with Mattis Kleppen on bass and Hildegunn Øiseth on goat horn. The trumpet player ...
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Hildegunn Øiseth

Hildegunn Øiseth plays on the horn that never runs dry, distinct and with a personal gusto that makes both untested and classic refrains quiver like new creations. After many years of traveling with her horn as companion in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, she returns home and allows the trumpet to sound playfully liberated. Surely a new wellspring in the cosmopolitan landscape of music.